M2X Eight Position MultiStation

7825.008785.00 +VAT



Positions (machines) of Multi Station can be changed according to your needs!

1) Choose machines from this link:

2) Send us a list of machines. And we will create Your custom made Multi Station.


M2X standard position:
1. Cable Crossover C2
2. Seated Row M1
3. Cable for Triceps
4. Lat Pulldown Machine M1X
5. Seated Row M1
6. Cable for Biceps and Triceps
7. Lat Pulldown Machine M1X

Standard weight stack 80 kg (extra weight on the standard weight stack 3 €/kg ).

View leather color palette (PDF)

Metal profile dimensions:
60x60x2 mm
80x80x3 mm

Equipment measurement:
Height: 230 cm
Width: 410 cm
Length: 700 cm

Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 700 x 410 x 230 cm
Metal Color

1028-Yellow, 2011-Orange, 3000-Red, 3005-Wine Red, 5002-Blue, 6005-Moss Green, 6018-Green, 7016-Anthracite Grey, 7040-Window Grey, 8017-Brown, 9005-Black, 9007-Silver / Grey Aluminium, 9010-Pure White, Clear Coat

Leather Color

Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Brown

Size of the metal profile

60 x 60 x 2 mm, 80 x 80 x 3 mm