M2G Four Position Multistation

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Four Position Multistation. This multifunctional machine is excellent for saving space in your gym.

Four standard position:
1) M8X Leg Extension Machine
2) M8 Leg Curl Machine (custom made)
3) M9 Pec Fly Rear Delt Machine
4) Adjustable cable tower

It is possible to change the position, according to your needs. 
Please check this link: gymequip.eu/product-category/selectorized-gym-equipment

  • Standard unit weight stack 80 kg (extra weight on the standard weight stack 3 EUR / Kg.)
  • Weight stacks are covered by protective plates to prevent unintentional contact.
  • Powder coat finish, choose a colour code when placing an order.
  • Heavy-duty steel Frame.

View leather color palette (PDF)

Metal profile dimensions:
60x60x2 mm
80x80x3 mm

Equipment measurement:
Height: 230 cm
Weight: 540 kg (60x60x2 mm)
Weight: 630 kg (80x80x3 mm)


Yderligere information

Vægt 540 kg
Metal farve

1028-Yellow, 2011-Orange, 3000-Red, 3005-Wine Red, 5002-Blue, 6005-Moss Green, 6018-Green, 7016-Anthracite Grey, 7040-Window Grey, 8017-Brown, 9005-Black, 9006-Silver / White Aluminium, 9007-Silver / Grey Aluminium, 9010-Pure White, Clear Coat


Black-10019, Grey-01150, Dark Grey-04017, Red-02610, Burgundy-02612, Blue-02618, Brown-02583, Dark Brown-02270, Orange-02607, Gold-55916

Størrelse af metalprofilen

60 x 60 x 2 mm, 80 x 80 x 3 mm