B11 Ultimate Power Rack

3680.00 Incl. Tax



Perfect choice for your Home Gym – Ultimate Power Rack
3 in 1: Cable Crossover + Smith Machine + Half Rack


  • 80 kg weight stack one side (extra weight on the standard weight stack 3 EUR / Kg).
  • One olympic barbell integrated in the Smith Machine.
  • Chin up bar.
  • 2 x spotter arms (max loading weight 300 kg).
  • 2 x J Hooks (max loading weight 300 kg).
  • 8 x plate weights storage.
  • Suitable for 50 mm discs (we can change this according to your needs).
  • Two cable system with height-adjustable handles.
  • You can perform many exercises for the all your body.
  • This is a great machine for building muscle mass, strength and flexibility.
  • Powder coat finish, choose a color code when placing an order.
  • Heavy-duty steel Frame.

Size of the metal profile:
80x80x3 mm

Equipment measurement:
Height: 229 cm (* with standard weight stack)
Width: 220 cm
Length: 207 cm
Weight: 480 kg
* Other dimensions on request

Additional information

Dimensions 202 x 220 x 229 cm
Metal Color

1028-Yellow, 2011-Orange, 3000-Red, 3005-Wine Red, 5002-Blue, 6005-Moss Green, 6018-Green, 7016-Anthracite Grey, 7040-Window Grey, 8017-Brown, 9005-Black, 9006-Silver / White Aluminium, 9007-Silver / Grey Aluminium, 9010-Pure White, Clear Coat